It’s been quite some time since I last had the chance to write a blog, and now that I have some time on my hands, I have nothing to say.

Imagine that?

I have *nothing* to say.

So Little Time

Well, everyone’s legit on a break except for a handful of us here in school. Yay! Not.

I can’t wait for *my* break to officially start so that I could do what I do best: BUM around.

I’ve got loads on my mind and I’ve had so little time to process them and to write about them, which sucks.

Ever been the center of someone’s judgment? If not, you haven’t lived. I guess it’s natural for people to talk about you or, worse, invent things about you, about what you say, and about what you think. It’s annoying, really, but can it be avoided? I think not so I just let it be.

Hold that thought and get back to writing the Academic Support Program for Athletes. You’ve got a deadline, you know.