Helpless? Not So. 

While I often feel helpless these past few days, I’ve realized the one thing that I can actually do… And that is to try my absolute best to show these kids how much I value them, in the best way I can, whether it’s teaching them in class or sparing 10 minutes of my time at the end of the school day to review a lesson, spending time with them during lunch or maybe even listening to random stories that they can share. In the end, by doing this, they will know and feel that no decision made is ever easy or simple.

Helpless? Not Me. I can still do things the way I see fit.


Good Day

Spent a loooooot of time with the kids today….

  • College Application Rush with EJ (Ibang level pero reminds me of my own katamaran. Hihi.)
  • Lunch with Russel
  • Public Speaking Class
  • AP Psych Review Class (Meann has gone mad, I tell you. She’s mad. Teehee.)
  • Game with Badminton Club (Dylan’s gotten so good. So proud!)
  • Dinner with Simon (MITIS graduate)

It’s really all about them kids… nothing else!

All iz well! ❤


It’s somewhat fascinating to see how some of the Gr. 10 students from last year seem to bolder and braver this year. Perhaps it’s because they feel more comfortable around me…. or maybe they didn’t change at all and I did.

Who knows for sure? What I do like about it is that I feel like I’m teaching a different bunch of kids. I’m kind of readjusting, which is great. I learn more about my weaknesses and I’m able to wing it (or maybe not) for the most part.

I’m pretty blogative (what?) today, no? Must be because I spent a lot of time laughing over dinner.

High School is Not Easy

High school is not easy (Gasid, 2017).

Yes, dearest Roda. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It ain’t easy for students, and it sure isn’t easy for me.

I wonder what the next few days will be like. I’ll just keep praying that none of what I fear will actually come to pass.

*crosses fingers*