Could I?

If I could take your pain away, I gladly will today.
I’ll hold your hand right where you stand,
Do so ’till I know you’re ok.

If I could be that friend you need, the one who brings you hope,
I’d willingly change who I am right now
Just to help you cope.

Life sure isn’t easy. Yes, that’s true.
But if I had a magic wand or a genie in a lamp,
I’d exchange my own wish to give it to you.



If there’s one thing you can’t escape, it’s LIFE. You can run. You can hide. BUT I’m sorry to tell you that it will catch up with you. It’ll drag you kicking and screaming, and won’t let go. It’s best to face it head on. Do it because you’re strong and you’d rather make the choice to do so than to run away. After all, at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than living life to the full — by that, I mean living a life of meaning.


Helpless? Not So. 

While I often feel helpless these past few days, I’ve realized the one thing that I can actually do… And that is to try my absolute best to show these kids how much I value them, in the best way I can, whether it’s teaching them in class or sparing 10 minutes of my time at the end of the school day to review a lesson, spending time with them during lunch or maybe even listening to random stories that they can share. In the end, by doing this, they will know and feel that no decision made is ever easy or simple.

Helpless? Not Me. I can still do things the way I see fit.