What is.

It has been a series
of hits and misses,
jabs and kisses,
wearing me out,
all the same.



If I were a word
I’d be “or”
Joining ideas, yet
Maybe confused
Not exactly this,
Not really that,
But possibly


There are many interesting things in life…
… swimming against the tide;
… struggling against the wind;
… salvaging what’s left of a broken home;
… sinking into the depths of fear.

What’s interesting about it, you ask?
It’s the ability of man to overcome them
simply because we CAN.


That uncomfortable silent presence that gnaws at your heart ever so slowly;
it creeps up on you, bit by bit, filling the light with dark.
You hide behind a feigned smile, a flimsy joke, a tacit remark–
all the while believing the darkness has not won.
Then, you wake up one day, only to realize it’s too damn late.
You have already given up, in more ways than one.