The Masks We Wear

Last Wednesday, the whole class dressed up as stock characters for our lesson on Literary Characterization. But prior to that, upon Ms. Mae’s announcement, it felt a little uncomfortable to dress up and act like that mainly because it’s our first time having this, but of course, firsts are essential. When I saw “jock” on […]

via Jock for a day — Churs & Hugots

Reading this had me wondering (again) why we are so afraid of being true to ourselves. Every day we play a role… perhaps not one that is stereotypical, but a role nonetheless.

We are teacher-motivator, leader-extraordinaire, silent achiever, loser-outsider, know-it-all-geek, etc.  The truth is we can never really be bound by one or two descriptors.  People are (thankfully?) way more complicated than that.

So, why are we so afraid to be ourselves? Because we want to be accepted; we want to feel loved; we want to be appreciated. We do *not* want to be judged. We smile and do our thing, yet deep down, we know we are being measured up to some standard by some random person or, worse, by people we love. How do we know we’re being judged? Simple. We do it, as Charlies pointed out, ALL THE TIME.

The thing about that day was that I was afraid, too. I was afraid the activity would fail. I was worried that it would be a bore. It was, after all, the first time I had tried it. I’ve read about play acting in class so many times, but it’s only now that I found the right feels to try it. Did I just use that word? Ugh.

Did it fail? In many aspects, I felt it did. Was it a bore? Hopefully, NO!  How could it have been boring when I was trying so hard to get into character while seeing the fear in the eyes of my students?

I wonder what they thought of my “insults” towards their “personas.”  In many ways, I’ll have to say I have that inner-bitch-emo-demon in me, which gladly I am able to tame very well… I am able to do so because the inner-optimist-sunshiny-hold-on-no-matter-what side of me always prevails.

That day, the class played a role… a role that was unlike the ones they are used to playing. That day, we all wore masks… masks that we often wear especially when we are afraid.



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