Ten on the 10th

I just realized  I hadn’t finished my list… Typical.

Before I end up disparaging myself too much, here goes another (lame) attempt to complete  my list.

Let’s see I’ve managed to give 3 reasons, namely:

  1. Novelty
  2. Numbers
  3. Eustress

What else? Let’s see…

I never really know what’s going to happen in class. I don’t really know anyone in particular, and they don’t know me. The chances of stepping on someone’s toes are higher, and that makes  it pretty much an exciting endeavor.

Having to teach AP has forced me to let go of taking things slow. I always feel a sense of panic whenever I feel like I don’t have enough time to cover all the topics that will come out in an AP exam. In a “regular” class, I have much more confidence to take things slow, though I still blabber most of the time. The funny thing though is that these kids are intense and, for some reason, always feel they need to rush things. I wanna chill… and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I mean it the way Europeans live it… Enjoy each story… Savor each moment…. Breathe…

To do something for the first time is always a challenge. Nope, it’s not my first time to teach, but it is my first time to take on this particular grade level (new syllabus, new stories, new everything like I have a lot of time… Am I whining again?). It’s also the first time I teach this batch of kids. They expect much=They expect much of me. That, my dears, is FRIGHTENING!  Who wants to live feeling like they have to pass some sort of test?  Of course, we don’t need to be ruled by such negative thoughts. We only need to be ourselves and let people merge the YOU (they think of) and the YOU (that is). Did that even make sense?

Did you see how I managed to turn a promising happy post to a whining one? This is proof that our conditions affect the way we think. I better stop now before I wreak more havoc upon myself. Heh.

<<<to be continued>>>



It’s been a looong while since I’ve taught a “regular” class. I’m both nervous and excited… Primarily, it makes me feel “normal.”  I don’t really know whether that’s a good or a bad thing, but for now, the change of pace may very well do me some good.

I’ve got 10 students for now in 10th grade on what happebs to be the 10th year of the school. Coincidence? Probably. But, who am I to argue with the opportunity to channel ideas like fate and serendipity?

Whatever the rhyme or reason for this “assignment,” I’ll try to put my own spin of things by giving 10 reasons why this is a win-win situation.

I’ve been teaching the same subjects for the last 3 years. Thus, I’ve been reading basically the same literary pieces over and over again. Teaching this “new” class will “force” me to tackle new material, which…

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