On Childhood Heroes

Chanced upon my old posts and realized a few things:
1. Agassi will always be my #1 Tennis Fave, but someone has come along to earn my LOVE – NOVAK!
2. Once you’re a fan, you’re always going to be a fan. Case in point? JORGE LORENZO!
3. I used to write this way? Eeew. *cringe*


I used to hate how some people belittled my “silly” addictions and dismissed them as childish.  They told me I would outgrow each and every one of them sooner or later.  Hey! I can’t say I blame them.  After all, I could be a wee bit too obsessed for my own good when I’m into something.

Years passed and I did outgrow these “trivial” people or things that, once upon a time, monopolized my attention.  But were they really silly?  They so were not.

A few days ago, I learned that one of my heroes – Andre Agassi – had retired.  I hadn’t seen him play for the longest time.  He barely played over the last few years because of physical injuries.  I immediately went to YouTube to look for any material on him.  It seems I’m not his only fan for there were so many videos.  I didn’t know…

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