The Healing Touch of Nurses

*deleting everything I’ve written so far*

I guess it’s true that even the painful things in life can bring much happiness in the end. Today, I was *forced* to finally consult a doctor as the pain in my ears became too much to bear. There, I chanced upon 2 of my former Gr. 10 students, who are now both certified nurses. I loved that they still seemed to be the same bubbly and happy kids I used to teach. Heck! They even wanted to meet me again just so we could talk some more. This accidental meeting has led me to realize two important things:

Do your work with much joy and gladness in your heart and you will receive it in kind. It may not happen now, but it will in the future. I remember once telling a friend that my ultimate dream was to spread joy and cheer to people around me and by seeing my former students enjoying their lives, I feel that somehow, I have achieved my dream in certain measure. I sort of now understand that I don’t need to fool myself into thinking that I need to produce highly academic kids to feel successful. It is in knowing that I have done my duty to provide my students with the self-confidence that they can outwit and outlast any challenge that life throws at them that I can find solace and comfort.


The fruits of teaching will never always be immediately evident. I don’t want to complain anymore. After all, I hate it when people complain to me. So, why should I do something that is not only annoying but also counterproductive? Perhaps once in a while I will find a young kid who truly understands who they are and who they want to be. Other than that 1 in 100, I think I must be resigned to the fact that we’re all just finding our way in this life. How can students not be confused when even teachers get confused on how to deal with them? LOL. I’m NOT even making sense. But, who says I have to all the time?

So, thank you Angie and Kristine. Thank you for your warm smiles and great stories. I’ll see you guys again soon! Not only did I get my ears checked, but I got great preventive medicine for my dear teacher heart.

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