I’ve been meaning to write a reflection since last Friday but I haven’t gotten around to doing so.  A lot of thoughts have come and gone since then.  How I wish there was some sort of mind-reading blogger so I’d have to do away with having actually having to sit down and do this.

For the past 10 days, if I’m counting correctly, I’ve been visited by a number of students who were all quite eager to share a story, or a bunch of overlapping stories, with me.  For the most part, I felt like I just stood as a sounding board as I simply sat there and listened earnestly to their concerns.  Of course, being the blabber mouth that I am, I couldn’t help but try to squeeze in some of my thoughts into the conversation.

The questions have been varied…. from something so seemingly trivial such as losing a cellphone, to more pressing concerns such as transferring to another school or a new guardian, and ultuimately to something more thought-provoking such as questions about morals, identity and even the value of life itself.

I pretend to know and have all the answers, but the plain and simple fact remains that I, too, am but a pilgrim.  We all seek the same things… As today’s visitor admitted to me upon prodding, “Miss, aren’t we all wanting the same thing?”  I asked, “What’s that?”


I had to ask…. I knew the answer but I wanted him to verbalize it… I wanted him to admit it.  He simlpy wants to be happy.  Don’t we all?

It seems easy enough of a word to understand, right?  How come for most people it’s just so darn hard to find?

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