tease you a lot, it seems i do
but i hope You know the jabs come
from a (real) place from within—
a heart that cares for how You feel,
and eyes that see You—
what You’re truly worth.
the days seem long, even endless
dark, lonely, and empty
with nothing to hold onto
everything to despair.
the questions, the doubts, the fears
seem never-ending.
on such occasions as today
when You are lost and in disarray
the challenge i pose is strong and loud, for
You are a soldier—ready—
You are a rock—strong—
You are a man—dignified.
it pays to be breathtaking
for You are acclaimed by strangers
and extolled by Your peers,
but the burden of such glory
may be too much
for Your young years.
and so, forget You must not
amidst all such accomplishments
a kid, indeed You are.
be wrong, be right
it matters, perhaps…
but never in the grand scheme of things.


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