Il Bel Far Niente

Flipping through my Tumblr feed, I came across this quote.

“I rushed through life. Now I’m relaxing. And I’ve gotten more out of relaxing that I did out of rushing.”
“What were you rushing toward?”
“Didn’t you get satisfaction from your achievements?”
“No. They only caused me to want more achievements.”

This reminded me of the phrase — “Il be far niente”  — The Beauty of Doing Nothing.

I think we underestimate the value of just stopping dead on our tracks to rest and take time off for ourselves.

I slept for more than 12 hours straight and for an additional 5 hours within the day.  I woke up at around 6 pm wondering why I was so tired.  Did I really do that much this week?

In the last week, the wonderful speakers from our faculty (Lei, Pierre and Richmond) gave us some background and tips on the different ways we can tap into the potentials of our students.  By and large, all of the topics can be summed up as giving our students the kind of education that will address their individualities… And at the end of the day, give them occasions to reflect on different aspects of their learning and lives.

Whatever it is that we allow our students to do must apply to us.  We should also get a ton of time to stimulate our own higher order thinking skills, tap onto our multiple intelligences, use a healthy dose of differentiated sources of inspiration, and communicate with a high level of English proficiency.

Most of all, we should learn to sit back, take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy staring at the sky for no reason at all.

Do nothing sometimes.  Life isn’t measure by how much we’ve done but by how much we’ve lived.

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