In anything and everything, there is a limit.  There is no such thing as endless, boundless, or infinite.  Perhaps in the realm of science and religion, they are possible, but I’d have to say that in terms of human capabilities and sensibilities, the word “improbable” comes to mind.

As much as I believe in the idea of renewal and growth, I have to say that recent experiences have insisted upon me the unmistakable notion that sometimes, “enough is enough.”

In the not so recent past, I had impressed upon myself and others that “giving up” on something or someone was never an option.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows?), circumstances beyond my control have prompted me to doubt such idealistic a stance.

Life is too precious to waste on trivial matters.  No person or entity should ever have to endure a life where the bad mostly overshadows the good.  In truth, what is good or bad is in essence dependent upon a person’s perception.  What could be described as horrid and despicable by one can just as easily be tolerable, even delightful, to another.  That being said, patience and understanding are keys to making any kind of relationship work.  But, is there even such an idea as endless patience?  

I used to think there was such a thing—and oh what a thing of beauty it was.  To be patient is to show love. To be tolerant is to demonstrate understanding.  Love and understanding—-LET THERE BE PEACE.  

But, NO! I began… begin… do DOUBT.  A limit has been reached.  A line has been crossed.

There is no such thing as limitless.  The only thing that exists is that finish line… one that represents glory and achievement, but in this case, sadly represents THE BITTER END.


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