Random at 11:27


I posted this on my Tumblr a while back.  I kind of think the thought is still very much relevant so  yeah, I’m sharing here waiting for the exact same time (11:27) to share it. Hah!


Seems an easy enough word to understand, right?  If it were to be rated based on difficulty level, I’d have to say it’s got to be a 1.  Hey, didn’t we hear this word at a very young age in school?

Teacher:  What are your expectations of me?  of the class? of yourself?

Typical boring first day!


How can a word that is so easily understood have much of an impact?  Surely, we often try to sound practical and realistic when we set expectations.  We try to downplay our emotions in order for us to sound “cool” or normal.  But I can’t quite shake the feeling that most of the time we set our expectations way too high.

We expect so much of ourselves.

We expect so much of others.

We expect so much of life.

Expectations.  Expectations.  They often lead to a feeling failure.  It’s so much so that we don’t get to appreciate the simple things.

It’s sad.  Well, kind of.  

Because in some weird ironic kind of way, without expectations, there seems to be no goal… 

And that is an even sadder state of mind… to be aimless…



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