On Rants and Raves

Stress—It’s something that I experience every single week day.  Scratch that. It’s actually every day. Boo!

Sometimes the stress gets so overwhelming that I sort of lose focus and forget the things that actually need to be accomplished.  I find myself going through the motions, thanking the high heavens that I survived another day.  Is this the way life is supposed to be?

I consider myself a “happy” person.  I’m the type who’s always proclaims that happiness is a product of the way we view things, not of the circumstances that surround us.  Heck, someone even outright laughed at me when I said my dream in life was to make people happy.  Lately though, I find myself always being grouchy, nasty even.  Worst, I find myself to be pessimistic and just dead TIRED.

This isn’t how I planned daily life to be.  Rant. Rant. Rant.

Luckily, even the worst of days can turn out to be the best of days.  Today, I received a letter and a message from two unlikely sources of comfort… Two students gave me messages of appreciation and encouragement.  One letter actually made me cry.  I feel glad that at least one of them feels that I am doing my job.  I am elated that another felt the need to cheer me up. The fact that he actually noticed how sad I was and how he made me promise never to be sad again was just unbelievable!  These small acts of kindness make me feel that all is not lost and that truly, all of us need help from time to time.

Thank you Kid 1 and Kid 2.  You may not know it, but you made a crappy day something worth reliving all over again.

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