Writing Class – Rated PG

Expect the unexpected.  

Truer words have never been said about every classroom experience.
Today, during my writing class, we were discussing supporting details and how they provide adequate support for the thesis statement.  Somehow (the logic of how it actually happened still manages to elude me) we ended up talking about Sigmund Freud and repressed desires.
A student was echoing my input of how certain manifestations supposedly reflect hidden and unfulfilled wants when all of sudden, one asked, “Miss, what if I want it, but I don’t do that?” (‘That’ referring to jiggling of the feet).  This elicited giggles from girls and outright laughter from the boys.  I couldn’t help but smirk.
As I tried to recover from the shock, I was struck by how innocently the question was thrown out there for everyone to hear.  Do I really project an image among kids that I’m ok with such inquiries?  This was not the first time I’ve been asked about something related to this topic, but that’s for another blog.  I tried to very politely answer him as best I could without being too specific when another student chimed in and gave his own views.  Hah! Everyone was animated. They weren’t this interested when I asked them what supporting details are. Go figure!
We were slowly getting back on track to the topic when, again, the same student asks another question, very politely this time.  He starts with a disclaimer that his query is unrelated to the topic.  I encourage him. (Our principal told us to encourage talk).  He asks about “physical love,” as he calls it.  LOL.  I fight the urge to scream.  I look at him and see the eyes of a typical curious teenager.  I tell him about perception and how it influences our state of mind.  He seemed satisfied.  I was glad. The bell rang.
Geez.  When did Writing class become PG?  I guess this is one of the pitfalls of teaching adolescents.  You can’t blame them for being curious. The best we can do is screen their thought process and give them information that they desire and need.  
So long as limits are set, I guess our class, from now on, will be know as Writing – Rated PG.

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