Time – Be My Friend!

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was cramming to finish all the things I needed to prepare for the new school year.  I’d have to admit, I never really quite finished all of the tasks, yet August has come and gone just like that.

It’s been an ongoing puzzle to me why I never could get the hang of managing my time well.  Perhaps I’ve been given too many responsibilities and what not.  However, I can’t keep using this as an excuse for slacking off.
So now, almost a month into the new school year, I feel like the thing that I have to improve on most would be TIME MANAGEMENT. I’ll have to really get myself motivated or else suffer the consequences.  Unfortunately, others would have to suffer along with me as well – my students and co-teachers.  Yikers.

Time, please be kind to me. Don’t run off while I’m inspired to do work.

In the meantime, I hold on to the thought posted on this very amusing photo I accidentally stumbled upon while perusing Tumblr.

This is my new motto! Hah.

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