Back to the Beginning

This week, we’re back to regular programming as our Easter Break has come to an end.  With the end of the break comes the beginning of the end.  School Year 2011-2012 will soon close and we’re on our final weeks of classes, at last.  I’m both happy and sad about this.

First, I’m just so looking forward to summer.  It’s been such a long year.  I feel quite tired and restless.  Truthfully, I felt numb last Tuesday as I really didn’t feel like going back to work yet.  It’s a normal feeling… Every year, I feel the same way.  Luckily, as the day progressed, I felt like my old self and I quickly adjusted to the heavy work load that I have gotten used to for the past 7 months.  Still, I need a real break from all the stress and worries so that I can just feel refreshed and ready for something new.

On the other hand, I also feel kind of sad.  I’ll be saying goodbye to the kids I’ve *smothered* with my kind of teaching and advising.  I hate to admit it but I’ll probably really miss them in the same way I still miss my Grade 6 kids from last year.  I’m also sad because I have some new students who I still feel like I don’t know very well.  Anyway, it’s been great working for these kids… There have been ups and downs but mostly, I learned  lot of lessons from them.

In the end, we always go back to the beginning of everything… the reason why we’re here in school… LOVE! I love teaching. I love the students.  I love the mission that I believe God has given to me.


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