MotoGP Madness

3 Days ’till MotoGP Madness commences. Squee. (Darn. I couldn’t embed the video.)

It was October 2010 when my love affair with Jorge Lorenzo and Motor Sports began, thanks to my friend Zari-Zari.  I remember how I was in a bad place that time so it was quite easy for her to just drag me off to Kuala Lumpur to watch her favorite rider run laps around the same track 20 times. I was quite indifferent about it and joined her simply to do something different. I mean how exciting could this be? Run around the same lap for 20 times for one hour? Ugh. I had a feeling I was going to just sleep the whole time.

Well, surprise! It’s two years later and I am now eagerly awaiting the new season, which will begin on April 8, 2012.  I’ve never been this excited over anything other than Tennis and Basketball. Bwah.  I kid you not. I don’t exactly remember why I liked Jorge.. It must have been by default as my friend was cheering for him. Or, he just might really be that little guy who is always out there to prove something.  All I know is, the mere sound of the motorbike zooming past me puts a weird smile to my face. HAHA!

This may not be the place to write about him as I don’t see how he is related to my being a teacher, but I just can’t help it after watching press release videos for the upcoming season.  Last year, Jorge finished 2nd to Casey Stoner.  This year, I hope he regains the World Championship Title. I’ll be following him all the way to Australia for this season and I know I won’t be disappointed.
I’m not really making any sense right now, am I? Teehee.  Well, Sunday is going to be a great day… EASTER SUNDAY and RACE DAY! Lezzgo!

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