Oh, Life is a Drama!

This week has been unbelievably testing and tiring.  It’s a mystery to me how I survived.  Actually, even now, I am still working, BUT I feel the strong need to take a break and share my thoughts.

The play fest is tomorrow and as much as I wanted to have my class do a flawless presentation, I really couldn’t push them too much because I had to accept that they are new to these kinds of experiences.  I just hope they at least learned a lot not only about theatre but also values like excellence, creativity, preparedness, teamwork, and passion.  All these values when put together make for a lethal combination.  And, when put into practice… things are naturally going to be great.

Honestly, I can’t think straight that much. I’m just exhausted beyond belief but adrenalin is pushing me because I am both excited and anxious for tomorrow and there are still a lot of things that need to be done. It’s been a looong road to get to here and the time has finally come for my students to be up on stage… a place they deserve to be on… because they can command attention and adoration. 🙂  And, as I may never get the chance to talk to them tomorrow, maybe I can offer last minute reminders here.

For the 30 minutes you are on stage or even backstage, forget who you are. Be your character. Make every part of your body respond to his or her story.  Feel his or her emotion and laugh, cry, scream or die with gusto.  Allow yourself to be the medium through which the audience will understand the story that Gino has written.  Always stay in character.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Don’t be afraid to look funny or stupid.  Often, people who take risks reap bigger rewards.  Fear only paralyzes and prevents you from achieving great things.  You may not be the best actors or actresses (not that you aren’t all good), but you will not be afraid to give your best.  I think many of you are just afraid of how people will react. What I want you to keep in mind is your parents, friends, and teachers will be watching you… They may laugh at you but deep inside, they are proud of your efforts. Seeing you up there will make your parents so happy… It will make me happy.

Use your voice power… Don’t speak like you are talking to the person in front of you.  Talk to the whole theatre.  We want to hear what you have to say.  Gino’s words will echo in the whole venue. 🙂

Take note of my constant reminder to talk to the audience from time to time. If possible, look some of the judges in the eye.  Invite them to your world.  Make them comfortable by being comfortable in all your actions.  BE MINDFUL OF YOUR BLOCKING. Never turn your back.

Working so closely with someone who may not be a close friend and a member of the opposite sex may be uncomfortable, but I know everyone in the class is respectful. Be as trusting and know that everyone will work for the play to be good.

Care about the play. Care about your classmates. Care about what others will think. Care. Just care and do things out of love.

Life passes us only once.  You may be put in a similar situation but it will never be the same again.  Take this one chance and make the most out of it.  Don’t look back with regret and say, “what if?”  Remember that we mostly regret the things we didn’t do than those that we did.  This is your moment.. whether you’re the lead or an extra… Your part means something. Your work is valued.

Good luck everyone! I’m proud of you no matter what. Let this opportunity allow all of you to become closer. There will be no blaming here… It will all be a learning experience that we will all remember.

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