A Log of Blogs

I’ve been asking my students to regularly update their blogs. Unfortunately, not everyone has been doing it faithfully. Despite this, I still encourage them to read each other’s blogs. Hopefully, it will help them learn more about one another.

It’s Me – JF Aguinaldo

Writing at My Best – Tim Aurin

Hello –  John Bae
Untitled Blog – Jerry Baek
Make Up for a Change – Renzo Ibanez
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Yu Shin Kim
I’m Sorry Mom – Lee Eun Jae
Let’s Make Good Relations Okay – Gino Mun
Tom Noh – Tom Noh
OUtony – Tony Park
New Year Finale – Inaro Robles
Jason’s Bored – Jason Villiamiel

Posts of School Life – Yannica Louisa Bezemer
I’m Just a Friend – Monica Medina
You are Now Reading My Blog – Mika Shieffelbein

Commence reading. Enjoy!


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