Walk the Talk

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s probably high time for me to start updating this blog more often. Gotta do the same things I ask/force my students to do. Hah!
I used to blog all the time. Lately though, I haven’t found the energy nor the inspiration to do so.  Not that life has been amiss with frustrations and celebrations. I’ve simply been on auto-pilot mode for the most part.  Routine has kinda moved in with me and I’ve been finding myself just going through the motions and emotions fairly regularly that any emotion or experience has sort of lost its novelty.
Does that even make sense?  Pfft.
Anyhoo, I think one perfect way for me to re-energize the way I teach is to walk the talk.  I’ll try my best to do whatever task I assign my students.  I bet that will make me think twice before giving them anything that’s way too difficult to handle. Bwah.

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