Once Upon a Time a Show Comes Along

Once in a while you stumble upon a truly good show – one that stands apart from most of the crap that the tube airs these days.  Once Upon a Time is that kind of show.

For the past year, I’ve pretty much just been glued to FoxTV, whether they showed new or old episodes of whatever series they aired. The rest was just pretty much white noise as I tinkered with my keyboard doing work-related stuff or at least pretending to do so. Bwah!

Anyway, once I saw a scene from the show as I was flipping channels.  I found it interesting and decided to google it.  Hmm… It was about fairytale characters stuck in today’s world. My first impression? Boo! Who cares?  During the weekend, they aired the same episode and I sort of gave it more of a chance… The moment I began to understand the actual concept of the show, I was hooked.  I downloaded all the previous episodes and now there is no turning back.  Once Upon a Time has now become a favorite of all time.

What makes this show endearing is not the fairy tale nature of it all, though I must admit it just brings out the inner child in me.  What I love about it is the fact that it inspires imagination, magic, hope and just plain goodness.  Henry, one of the shows main characters, is wonderfully portrayed.  His young idealism and courage makes me think about what the world would be like if every young kid had a heart like his.  In a time when most of what we see in TV is violence in different kinds of forms and strengths, it feels good to have at least an hour of heart-warming fun.

Sure, the evil queen and her countless minions are showcased.  But even I get engrossed in her own tale of woe.  The magic of fairy tales has always been questioned.  Life, after all, is not one.  The question is, why can’t it be?  Why can’t we all have that inner faith that things will always turn out for the better?

Besides, who can beat this quote?  “The possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.”

Maybe the idea of a happy ending will be enough to give us the hope amidst every challenge that comes our way.

Sick of shows about jealousy, revenge plots and all that melodrama?  Once Upon a Time may be the one hour of your week that you can escape all these.


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