Life or Something Like It

I met up with some friends today. 

The day started out right with my brother and I waking up at around 7:30 am.  (I took him with me because no one would be left in the house).  We had to leave earlier because I wanted to hear mass at The Shrine of Jesus near MOA.  I’ve never been there and I thought it best to attend Sunday Mass there since our meeting time was 10:30 am at MOA.  We were a bit late arriving just in time for the First Reading.  I was surprised because the Church was jampacked with people.  It was my first time to go there and I really liked it because the mass was very solemn.  Even the songs that were sung weren’t the usual ones.

By 10:30, Mich and I met up at McDonalds. As per usual, we were the only ones who arrived on time. Bwah!  We had to wait until 12:00 noon before we left for Dampa.  Lui and JP did all the ordering and we just waited for the food. I am a seafood lover so this was one rare occasion where I barely talked during lunch. LOL. Usually, you could not stop me from blabbing but today, they were all surprised as I did nothing but eat nonstop. I love my shrimps so much. Hee. After lunch, Lui, JP and Pauleen had to leave so the rest of us went back to MOA to talk some more.  Lots of pics were taken especially since it’s been so long since we all got together.  It sucks though because almost half were absent for whatever reason…

Now, why did I use the title “Life of something like it?”  Hmm… I guess because even after all the happy stories we shared over lunch, it all had to end with a bit of sadness yet again.  One of my friends called me up. She was crying and talking about her problems with her hubby. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  It was the sure sign that the reunion where we pretended to be students again was over.  Now, we were back to reality.  I was actually pretty shocked with some of the stories I heard.  I felt like a manang again. LOL. 

I am rambling now because I really don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve always been the sort of big sister of the group but after all these years, my head now begins to hurt when we talk of problems. Gone are the petty misunderstandings and the like.  Now, we have life-altering decisions… family problems… emotional garbage and the sort.  I guess we may want to stop life from happening but at one point in time, we just grow up. We never can pinpoint the exact moment but it happens.  And, we have to suck it up and live through it no matter what.  What’s interesting is (this is a baduy moment), I watched a video of Anne Curtis’ interview over at YouTube and as young as she is and as crazy showbiz is, she actually said something that made sense… “… you go through so many trials. Nobody said it was going to be easy pero laging i-she-shake ni God ang life natin pero in the end, it will be as beautiful as a rainbow.”  I believe that and for me and my friends, I know the rainbow will come sooner than we think. *hugs friends*

Funniest moment of the day: Lhot asking me if my 17-year old brother was older than me. LMAO! Either I look too young or he looks old… BWAH!


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