Exhaustion Galore

Things happen for a reason. 

Whoever came up with that line must have known what he/she was talking about.  Let’s face it. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives. As much as we want to, things don’t always end up the way we want them to. We may have the best of intentions but sometimes, circumstances just ruin all of our plans.  As such, all we can do is just accept everything and learn from our mistakes.  This past week, so many things have happened that I can’t even begin to digest all of it. I don’t know when but I definitely believe that the answers to my many questions will unfold in time.  A big part of me is still sad and bewildered about recent events but I guess that’s that for now.  All I can do is smile.

Enough of that… Let me just talk a bit about our recently concluded 375th Anniversary celebration.  I know I must be saying this because it’s my most recent experience but it is indeed very likely that the last two weeks have been the most tiring and testing weeks of my professional life.  I have never been under so much pressure to do well, to please other people and to maintain my sanity all at the same time.  I didn’t even have time to complain anymore because the activities were overlapping.  Truth be told, I felt like a robot.   I can’t even remember what happened anymore. Everything is just a blur.

The long week ended with our much awaited Faculty Immersion to Bicol.  Gosh! It was like joining Extra Challenge from the get go.  The bus ride was uncomfortable as we had to fit 46 people in a 30+-seater bus.    I just have to laugh out loud thinking about it right now. It was pretty tiring but we were all troopers who found a way to entertain ourselves for the 12-hour trip. When we arrived at the place, we had to walk down a hill with our big bags. Then, we reserved slots in a classroom where we were going to sleep.  Once we were done, we had to go back up the hill.  It was pretty crazy because it was so steep. All we could do was laugh and take pics of our “uphill” battle.   The rain kept pouring as we waited for our ride to the relocation site.  Once we got there, it was already too muddy to go around.  So, all we could do was talk to the families.  After that, we had our lunch and traveled back to our temporary home.  We slept for a bit and then woke up to find our quarters being flooded by rain.   Some of us had to evacuate to another room. The next day was more fun as we went around some of the sites in Bicol.  Still, we were worried that we could get stranded because of the floods.  Thank goodness we were able to go home safe and sound… all thanks to Kuya Jutay and Kuya Arman. Hehe.

We didn’t get to spend much time doing our immersion but like I said… things happen for a reason.  I’m pretty proud to be part of the BED Faculty.  No one ever complained and we all enjoyed just being around each other. I also got the chance to spend time and to bond with the Grade School teachers.  For that alone, I’m pretty happy.  I miss the craziness of it all… It was tiring but well worth it.

Up Next: Our Institutional Retreat…


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