I’ve done it. I finally finished Book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I feel sad that the adventure is over. Who cares if I’m being childish?  I love how books have the power to possess me and allow me to read and read while feeling a mixture of emotions at the same time. I had to pause as I neared the end because I could actually feel my heart beating fast, fearing the inevitable danger that was coming. LOL.  Then, my heart actually beamed with pride reading about Snape and other fallen characters.  Lastly, I felt at peace as I read the final pages once I realized it was all going to be ok. Heh.

While it is true that many continue to scoff at the books as simply overrated (as I once did), no one can argue with the fact that they are one of the best series ever to be written. It’s not even because of its immense popularity that this is so.  Rather, it is because of its timeless and universal message that cuts across any reader’s heart.

JKR was right. I feel like I’ve lost friends.  I wish I could read more about what happened to them but I guess I should be happy I got to know them at all.  I will forever be amazed at how the magical story weaved itself together like one big puzzle and how JKR managed to connect all the facts to make an interesting and engaging story worth reading.  The lessons on family, love and friendship reverberate ever so strongly in my heart that I could not prevent tears from falling as I read certain parts. Amazing!

More importantly, I love how the book overcomes cultural divide. I am tickled pink when I read comments on the internet that I agree or disagree with. It’s funny how people from different places easily connect with Harry and his adventures. I guess when it all comes down to it, we all want to fight for what’s good. We all want a bit of Harry, Ron and Hermione (as well as Dumbledore’s Army) in us. And, the good news is, we do!  We all have powers, albeit not magical, to change the world and make it a better place to live in.  I rest my case.

Thanks JKR! Thanks Harry!


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