Laziness Alert

I am treading dangerous waters once again. I am teetering on the brink of insane laziness. The thought of a four-day break has put my mind into relax-mode.  The fact that I have so many things to do does not faze me.  In fact, it just fuels my laziness further as I feel like I won’t be able to finish them all anyway. LOL.

To be fair, I worked hard all week and even yesterday (which was a Saturday and free day).  I had to clean the room assigned to me but it was just impossible for one person to finish. I still have to separate old books from the new and do an inventory of the learning kits found there. Pfft.

Well, enough of that.  Let’s go to the good stuff. Hee.

It’s been a memorable two weeks.  My cousin, whom I haven’t seen for almost 6 years, came home for a visit.  She was with her husband and they spent two weeks here in the country but only a couple of days with us.  It was great to see her again and to meet her very nice and gracious partner.  It was as if she never left.  It’s so good to realize that time and distance can never change bonds of friendship and ties of love.  Yeah! We’re not the mushy type of family but we do know we love one another. Heh.  What’s even better is that her coming home gave the rest of the clan a reason to meet up again.  It was just like old times – only this time, we were all older and fatter, too. Haha!   It was cool to catch up and find out what everyone was doing.  I hope this could start a revival of family gimmicks especially with our generation… Our kids should play and grow up together like we did, right?  It’s just too bad the stay was short.  We could have done a lot more but considering it’s been 6 years, I thank God for these small graces to be with them again.

Of course, I could never end this entry without talking about the first week of school.  Oh wow! I don’t even know how to describe it.  Hmm… let’s see. To start off, I wasn’t assigned to any adivosry class because I have to attend to different matters this school year.  However, one of our teachers got sick so I had to take charge.  I didn’t hesitate because these kids I would have to look over were my first *babies* as a class adviser.   I’m quite disappointed in some ways.  I feel as if *some* of them haven’t matured.  But then, it’s only been a week.  I really want what’s best for them and I feel like my hands are tied especially when I see them reverting to their ways of having cliques and just being happy with the same old friends.  There’s nothing wrong with that but at this age, they should learn to accept and embrace everyone.  I am hoping for the best this year and I pray that in the three months that I stand as their second mother, I will be able to inspire them to realize how special they are and that they can achieve more if they just work hard at it.  I’ve always believed in them… even two years ago. I just hope they start believing in themselves, too, and stop acting like kids. I know some of them will be able to read this… I just want to say… Enough na sana ang pagpapa-cute. Start acting like grown-ups. Most of all, stay happy by being yourself without having to put others down.”

We’ve got so many students this year (and I thank Sr. Susan and Sr. Cecile for this).  I am afraid that this means we have a bigger responsibility.  It may sound corny to some but I do take this job of molding the youth seriously. Forget perfect grammar and the like… what matters to me is that they grow up to be respectable and admirable people.  I am weary of the way the old students are reacting but I guess that’s the way life is. We always feel apprehensive when we meet something or someone new.  I guess we’re all adjusting and learning together.

Lastly, let me just say, I miss my old students.  I really do. I am sad that I rarely see them these days and I hope we can continue to communicate and share secrets with one another.  To them I say, “Thank you for a wonderful year.  Stay cool.  Carpe Diem.” 


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