Forgiveness and acceptance are two of the most beautiful graces that God has given us.  I think the ability to just totally free yourself from anger and resentment allows you to be happy and content.  I don’t know. Maybe I’m just way too nice that I could never truly ever stay mad at a person.

You see, there are two people who have hurt my friends terribly almost to the point of losing themselves.  I wanted to strangle them with my own hands had I the power.  You should have heard me curse them to the highest heavens and then some.   I’d even dare say I was decided in my stance to let them rot wherever they were.

Now, as they take some steps to make up, I surprisingly respond to them, perhaps not as eagerly as I would before… guarded in a way but still responding.  I’m not saying that all is forgiven.  I am just being open to the possibility of hearing their side of the story without having to sacrifice my loyalty and 100% belief in my friend’s versions.  I guess I just want all things to be ok again. No, I don’t want things to be the way they were. I want them to be better.  I actually wish *better* meant just staying friends for now.  I don’t think after all they’ve been through that they can get back what they had before but hey, I can hope that they’ll start talking and sort it all out, right?  After all, I’m in no position to decide for them. 

I don’t know if I should hate myself for this but I am pretty sure our other friends would slap me silly if they ever find out that I am considering giving these guys a second chance. LOL.

Life, life, life. Perhaps it’s not really a matter of being too nice. God knows I can be the most selfish brat on earth but in His own little way, he blesses my life by making me more open to the faults of people and by making me see that in forgiving other’s faults, I can accept my own shortcomings as a person as well.

Forgiveness? Yes! We should all start learning the art.  It’s frees us from hate and allows us to appreciate all the good things in life.


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