My hands are shaking after being in front of the computer for 10 freakin’ straight hours.   What’s worse is the fact that I can’t even stop.  Before you even say I’m an addict (which I am), I’m actually being a good professional this time.  Bwah.    I’m not doing much surfing or reading. I’m simply working on the yearbook.  Ugh. Why oh why can’t I ever say no? I am tired of this non-earning added responsibilty.  Seriously, I want to give it up but it comes hand-in-hand with being the moderator of the school paper –  a job which I semi-enjoy. Hee.   Oh well, enough of that. I just wanted to rest for a while and this is just some sort of release.

On a sadder note, friends of mine have been going through tough times lately.  I’m just about ready to scream and shout.  I guess we can’t be happy all the time.  I just hope I can help them through it.  All I can really do is listen even if they’re telling the story for the millionth time.


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