I never thought a slightly superficial and commercialized show like American Idol could ever tug at my heart strings.

Their show today was all about helping people living in poverty.  In the beginning I felt like the show was being self-righteous and that it really wasn’t the best way to help especially since the show’s premise is all about gaining fame and fortune.  But, when they started showing clips from Africa and how people were dying in such dire circumstances, my heart just broke down.

So much is going on around the world.  I am appalled by the terrible situations they have to face and yet comforted at the strength that they show.  Seriously, how can we complain about our lives when so many out there suffer?

Let’s face it, we often think our world is limited to the people and things we see but there’s so much out there that we need to see.  There’s so much we can do. 

We just have to start moving!


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