I had a very interesting night yesterday.  I hung out with some friends.  We talked about a lot of things – mostly serious and semi-depressing stuff.   Who knew conversations could be about so many things all at the same time.  The feeling of tension and hurt was palpable from the get go. Let me just say it was not a reunion of happy friends. LOL.

It got me thinking of a lot of things and I realized that life really has to be something that you face head on with courage and faith.  Otherwise, you get dragged along as if you had no control over it which is totally untrue.  I don’t want people, me most of all, feeling like we go through life just so we survive each day.  It can’t be like that. It just simply isn’t worth living if that were the case.  There has to be some confidence in each one of us that makes us believe that we deserve to be happy because God put us here to fulfill our dreams and live wholly and completely in faith and love.


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