I can’t seem to get over it just yet.  This year, our school has
lost people…. people who, for me, embodied the vision and mission of
our school.  First, we lost a dear teacher.  Then, we lost a good
student.  Now, we lost our leader and mother.

I don’t even understand why I am this affected but every time I
remember her, that empty feeling returns and I feel any remaining
amount of happiness drained from me.  So much remains to be said and
yet no words will ever be enough.

I miss her even if I really never saw her everyday.  The school
really feels empty.  Today, we find out who our new school president
will be.  I guess this will make the fact that Sister has left us even
more of a painful reality.

I know we’ll all recover but hopefully we will never forget her or them.

Thank you Ms. Ombao, Jobelle and Sister Cecile. Thank you for being
a part of our lives.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  As our hearts
break, we also will try to smile as we fill our hearts with wonderful

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