I planned to accomplish a great number of tasks tonight – inspired after coming home from a seminar but I end up absolutely at a loss. 

Why?  I am bothered for a dear friend of mine.  Sometimes, life really plays tricks on you and you end up in horrific situations that you can’t get out of.  I am left not knowing what to say to her or how to help her make things easier.  I just wish I knew the answer so I could give it to her.  I’m beyond pissed at how the person who is supposed to love her disrespects her and give her shit she doesn’t deserve.  The way he is acting is beyond comprehension.  I really want to slap him and give him a piece of my mind but I can’t because I am simply in no position to do so.

I only pray that God will grant my friend the courage, strength and wisdom to do the right thing for herself and her baby.  Please give her a sign.

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