Life, as we know it, isn’t supposed to be so hard.  In fact, as Msgr. Gerry reminded us so aptly last Sept. 14, Jesus came to this world so that we might have life… and live it to the full.   So why is it that everywhere you look there is heartache?  Why are there many people who hurt and suffer from pain?  I guess that’s just the way it is and all we can do is accept it. may have ruined my student’s English writing skills but at least it has gotten them to write.  For all the “shocking and unsettling” things I have discovered about some of my students through Friendster, I am glad we have it.  I just read one girl’s blog and I could actually sense a deep sadness from her.  I felt that I got to know her a bit better – something which I haven’t been able to do inside the classroom.  I hope she realizes that all is not lost.

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