On Childhood Heroes

I used to hate how some people belittled my “silly” addictions and dismissed them as childish.  They told me I would outgrow each and every one of them sooner or later.  Hey! I can’t say I blame them.  After all, I could be a wee bit too obsessed for my own good when I’m into something.

Years passed and I did outgrow these “trivial” people or things that, once upon a time, monopolized my attention.  But were they really silly?  They so were not.

A few days ago, I learned that one of my heroes – Andre Agassi – had retired.  I hadn’t seen him play for the longest time.  He barely played over the last few years because of physical injuries.  I immediately went to YouTube to look for any material on him.  It seems I’m not his only fan for there were so many videos.  I didn’t know which to watch first.  Suffice to say, I felt sentimental watching him bid farewell to the game he dearly loves.  I remember the days I used to actually have panic attacks as I watched him compete.  I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to watch him win, and sometimes lose.  Now, those days are over but you know what, as stupid as it sounds, those great memories remain with me.  It may sound crazy but my rooting for him formed a part of my character today… I loved the rush I felt whenever he would win… and I learned to be a bit stronger everytime he lost.  Believe me, the effects of his losses would last for a week… Hee. ::sighs::

I loved his final speech about how he was an ordinary guy who was able to reach his dreams because of ordinary people like me who believed in him.  I LOVE him.  I salute him.

Now, if only we could start believing in each other like we do with our idols/heroes, maybe we can inspire one another like we did him.

Thanks for the memories Andre Agassi… you’re my one and only tennis god.

One thought on “On Childhood Heroes

  1. Reblogged this on Puto-Mayapot and commented:

    Chanced upon my old posts and realized a few things:
    1. Agassi will always be my #1 Tennis Fave, but someone has come along to earn my LOVE – NOVAK!
    2. Once you’re a fan, you’re always going to be a fan. Case in point? JORGE LORENZO!
    3. I used to write this way? Eeew. *cringe*

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