They say that life is short and that you only live once.  Well, whoever they were, they were right! So why do we often still live our lives as if we can do better tomorrow?

Sure, there’s no harm in believing that you have other chances.  If we didn’t, we would end up hopeless and in despair.  But, what if we don’t?  What would we do when we find ourselves at the end of the day and realize that we aren’t even close to achieving something worthwhile?

I’m not trying to sound like I haven’t done anything I could be proud of.  I have.  It’s just that these past two weeks, I, along with many of my colleagues, have been scrambling to finish a load of work.  I have to sit back and ask myself why we weren’t able to do all these things on time.  What have we been doing?  Now, we all have to suffer and cram like there is no tomorrow.  We don’t have time for the more important things in life like family, friends and oneself as well.  Pfft.

I promise myself, I’m going to check all paper works, projects and the like the very week I receive them.  I don’t want to experience another hell week this second quarter.  I can’t imagine facing the prospect of reading and rating 8 sets of papers over two nights.

If I’m like this over such a small thing (well of course not literally small because it’s obviously been a huge deal), I’m afraid to imagine how I would be in terms of bigger things like life itself. 

Life is great so I guess I should just live it.  I gotta start making “me” dictate my work rather than my work dictating “me.”


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