In a Rut

I heard that despair is one sin that is unforgivable.  If this is true (which it is), I think I might be doomed to be be trapped in hell if I were to be judged at this very moment.  Sometimes, I really do fall into this trap of feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing.  I just can’t seem to fix our problems at home.  I don’t seem to inspire my students to be good (not academically, that is).  I have no time to study my readings for my Masters course.  Gah! Everything just seems to be negative lately.

Still, I know this is only temporary and that I have the power to make choices.  Either I choose to wallow in my difficulties or overcome them with a smile on my face.  Definitely, I will choose the latter.  I’ve been so blessed all my life and I know I’m going to make it out of this rut….

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