Burn by Tina Arena.  Man, I hate that song.  It sounds cheezy and her voice just makes me want to cover my ears.  But why is it so catchy?  Why do I find myself humming its tune from time to time.  Maybe because of its lyrics?  Yeah, that must be it.  I guess I want to burn… that is… do my thing and do it well.

There’s this line that says, “Do you want to travel the world?”  Oh, how I want to.  I used to think I would grow up and become a professional traveller.  Bwah!  Well, right  now I don’t think there’s any possibility of that happening in the near future.  Still, when I think about this, I realize that I don’t really need to go to other places to travel…. I should just close my eyes and know that the real journey that man has to take is that of life itself.  As I grow older, life for me becomes more complicated and less enjoyable.  I guess this means, I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, right?  Perhaps it does.  But then, it is also in acceptance of His Will can we be truly happy.

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