Well, 2005 is coming to a close.  Only 4 more hours to go and it’s a whole new year to look forward to.

Honestly, this has been a pretty much uneventful year for me.  I dunno why.  It’s just that looking back, I can barely remember any highlight. 

Of course that’s not to say that nothing good’s happened to me.  I went to Boracay last summer and became an adviser after all.  I saw Constantine Maroulis  in person and I got addicted to all things Korean.

Aside from that, things remained the same.  I guess in some ways that can also be considered a good thing.  At least my life’s pretty much stable now.  My family is doing ok and my relationship is going good, too.

Still, I wish for some more excitement to get back into my life.  I really miss my friends from school (both HS and college) and the net.

On a bigger scale, 2005 ends well with no disaster happening.  Thank God!

I guess all there is left to do right now is to wish and pray that next year will be a blessed and meaningful one for everyone in the whole world. šŸ™‚


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