[cue music]  Just when I thought I was over you…. Just when I thought I could stand on my own… [/fade music]

If somebody told me last summer that I would get the chance to see Constantine up close one day,  I would have laughed at him to his face.  I mean, what are the chances of him and me breathing the same air?  I thought zilch.  In fact, he was even on my “Who I want to meet” list.  Well, I was so wrong.

He came and visited our country, thanks to the great efforts of his fans here in Pinas, whom I believe are to be credited for Ayala Malls taking notice.  Anyways, since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I couldn’t have cared less that none of my friends knew him  and that no one would tag along with me.  I hauled my lazy butt all the way to ATC straight from a seminar in ADMU.  When I got there, I managed to squeeze into a spot where I could see him.  I had to tiptoe for most of the concert but so what?  Yeah, my feet cried but my heart smiled.  He was truly gorgeous, amazing and everything I imagined him to be in person.  He wasn’t the perfect singer, but he was a great performer.

It was such a great day for me.  I felt like I was back to my *crazyfanaticfan* ways all over again.  I squealed, I swooned and I sang along with the crowd.  Who would’ve thought I still had it in me?  Hee.  If only you had seen me a few years back — the way I cheered for my favorite basketball team and the things I did for my favorite stars.  I guess once a fan always a fan. Ever seen the movie Fever Pitch?

I’ve always thought that I lost my edge as a part of growing up.  But now I think I should just be thankful for the fact that I’m way too busy nowadays to dwell on *silly* things such as being a fan.  If not, I’ll probably be as crazy as ever which I’m way too old for.

Now everyday is basically work, work, work [and sleep of course].  Without me noticing, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to constantly be on a high… to feel so elated over something childish and mundane yet very personal.  Thankfully, once in a while, someone or something comes along to remind us of the simple joys of life…

There’s nothing wrong with being silly because it’s the simple things in life that money can never buy.  I love being constantly on my toes for new information…  I love coming home and having the feeling that there may be some exciting news.  I love the fact that these things that I look forward to are, at the end of the day, really not that important and that they don’t really affect my life in any way.  I am attached yet detached at the same time.

I am constantly thinking of you Constantine!  Thanks for coming over.  They say things happen for a reason and your coming here served its purpose for all your numerous fans.  For me, it reminded me of how great and simple life can be.

[cue con’s voice]  I think I love you so what am I so afraid of…. I’m afraid that I’m not sure of a love there is no cure of… [/con’s voice fills my head]

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