Friends come and friends go. It’s a sad fact of life. My question is, WHY? Why can’t they stay forever?

At this point in my life, I’m a really busy person. Nah, I don’t choose to be but that’s just the way it is. I’m not complaining…. The truth is even if I always agonize over all the things I have to do, I find some meaning in it and I realize I’m doing something important. Unfortunately, there is a HUGE downside.

I just can’t seem to manage my time well enough such that I would have the same amount of zest and energy to meet up with my friends. Hmm… Of course, it’s not only on my part. I’m pretty sure I can say the same for them. We rarely talk to each other nowadays. We don’t even have time to text one another.

It makes me think that we never really shared anything special. I mean, shouldn’t we at least make time for our friends? How come we can live without them when once in our lives we swore that they were a part of us that we would never let go off?

We always put off the things we need to do today for tomorrow. We tell ourselves we can always make up for lost time. After all, isn’t it that when we do get together, it’s like no time has passed? True. Still, one day you wake up and you discover that you no longer know anything about them. You’re no longer the person they call when they have a problem or when they are happy about something. You don’t get to see them in the same light. All you have are great memories to hold on to.

This is not to say that the friendship has died. On the contrary, the light remains burning albeit not as bright.

I really hope I can find the time soon to reconnect with old friends. I miss all of them and I thank them for making me who I am today.


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