March On

Failure. Who wants to fail? I’m sure no one does. I bet you even those who believe (or pretend to believe) that failure makes them stronger would rather avoid it if possible.

I feel like I’ve failed on so many things this year and maybe even the last few years back… Geez. Wbat am I doing? LOL.

I envy people who readily express and accept their “greatness.” Not that I’d want to ever come off as egocentric and narcissistic, but I gotta clap my hands for the level of self-belief other people have.

Now, what is my point? I’ve forgotten.

Ah. It’s that we must keep moving… marching towards our goal no matter how hard it is to see the finish line.



Well Worth It

It’s not often that I’d post a positive blog, but here goes.

What a LOOOOONG day today’s been. It didn’t quite start right as I woke up to messages of some colleagues feeling under the weather today. Then, we couldn’t leave for the field trip on time due to some unavoidable circumstances. Next, WE FREAKIN’ GOT LOST. I’m actually proud of myself for holding baxk my tongue as Ate was pretty nice and all. (But really? Haha. Hay naku!) Worse, there seemed to be no clear organization on how we were to do the activities in the camp. At this point, a call came from the office asking me why this person came, how many students paid, why are we there… blah blah blah blah…

Oops. This isn’t a rant post.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, despite all that, I’m now about to sleep with pretty much a happy heart. I’m just so happy everyone in my class was there. I really, really, really am glad Ryo made it. I dunno why but just the idea of it’s making me teary-eyed (I’m betting this is PMS).

I guess all I wanna say is that at the end of the day and of every tiring week, the “hardships” become worth it when you see the students happy.

Are they happy? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But my hope is at least they were today.

Sabog ng blog. Hahahaha.

Good night.

Joy in Faith

Upon reflection, I realize that I have absolutely very little to be sad about and nothing to complain on. It’s really about being able to focus on the blessings than the challenges.

As I attended Mass tonight, I felt the unequivocal feeling of peace that I didn’t know I needed.

I don’t know what it was, but I found it hard to hold back my tears. I just felt so much joy at being there, ajd I felt that desire to share to more people how much faith moves me and how much it is a part of who I am. 

Sigh. If only I knew how to speak for You, Lord. I will. ❤