Whiny Ol’ Me

I find it extremely difficult to be genuinely excited for anything these past few days. I dunno if I’ve already emptied my cup of positivity in life, but I have to say, I so miss the old me… the one who meant it when she said, “Anything is possible.”

Don’t get me wrong. For sure I still do believe in that ideal (note emphatic tense), yet there is this nagging heavy feeling in my heart that’s obviously weighing me down. 

I hate being ungrateful. It just feels so wrong to lament all of life’s woes when you’re able to mentally note the abundance of blessings you’ve received. Nevertheless, I can’t freaking help it. I’m thankful…. yeah, but I’m also constantly tired. 

I don’t ever wanna do things because I feel obligated. I don’t wanna continue thinking what I’m thinking…. I just don’t.

Well yeah, I only ever blog when I whine. Bwahaha. 

Temper your Temper

One of the things that drains me the most is when I lose my temper. I feel immense guilt and I seriously question whether or not I was right to do so. 

It doesn’t matter if people tell me I wasn’t wrong. I can never shake off that horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach. 

I hate hurting people’s feelings. I hate me today. I hate me tonight.

Won’t be able to sleep well tonight. 😢